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We have all seen the crazy weight loss methods that have come out over the years. Belts, creams, vibration machines, shaker weight, and even the idea of dressing in sauna suits to work out. We have seen the DVDs like 8-minute abs, toning sneakers, the Thigh Master, and drastic diet changes such as  juicing, detoxing and eating nothing but cabbage for days on end. None of these methods have been proven to be effective in achieving long term weight loss success & maintenance of that weight loss… but what has been proven to work is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

On the Ideal Protein diet insulin levels are reduced therefore the food you consume and the stored body fat gets burned off for fuel.

THE FACT:  Insulin is a hormone the pancreas secretes as a result of all carbohydrates we consume. Different types of carbohydrates dictate the amount of insulin the pancreas releases.  Insulin has two roles; to reduce blood sugar levels and to store body fat. When insulin levels rise the body stores fat. When insulin levels are low you burn fat. Ideal Protein is a low carbohydrate diet, 60-70 grams per day which is consumed through the Ideal Protein meals and through the vegetables and salads dieters are required to consume.

We encourage cardiovascular health through movement 15-20 minutes after the body has acclimated to the diet. Your personalized coach will instruct when to begin movement. Your heart is a muscle and needs to be used. Like your leg muscles, if you don’t climb steps or use your legs they become weak. Therefore, you have a weak heart or weak cardiovascular system if it is not used regularly. No need for spin and boot camp style classes. Yoga and core training exercises are encouraged.

Therefore, a gym membership is not necessary to lose weight.

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Once weight loss is achieved, we encourage our dieters to begin resistance training as muscle is the engine that burns fat. The denser your muscle the higher your metabolism.
Resistance/Weight Training
Daily Cardio Programs
Muscle Toning, Fat Removing Techniques
Clean Eating
  • Cardiovascular

    Adding cardiovascular exercises strengthens the heart and pumps clean, oxygenated blood throughout the body.

  • Strength

    Weight or resistance training exercises can strengthen muscles and tissues, encourages bone density, releases endorphins, and raises metabolism.

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